About timing Lyrics – Rose the Firebreather

About timing Lyrics by Rose the Firebreather

Broken in my pocket
Like the locket in my safe
Get the box like
Safe deposit

Get the profit
Time gon pay
Time to pay the prophet
Time is cash and i worked overtime

Ridin solo in the sunset
Never home for suppertime
Pencils and penicillin
I’m callin on pennsylvester

I know he gon make a killin
I’m killin all of my vectors
The motive is kinda reckless
The motive is kinda rеckless

I wear it all on my necklacе
Noose like it left me breathless
Now i’m up i’m feelin restless
Livin dreams in dimensions

I’m paying attention
Coverin bases
I’m back to basics
Cuttin ties to ground

I metastasize my size inside the matrix
Mosaics left of the days gone by
Can’t catch up with the slower times
Vinyl vivid with richer rhymes

Effigies of human crimes
The winds of time are blowing
I’m grateful just to chime in
Learning the language of signs

So i can finally sign in
Sign up sheet is damn near full
And they moved up my slot
Next time i let you see me

It’ll be up at the top
Shoutout to my prime
I see the mountains you climbin
Only seen stormclouds so far

Had to be light in the lining
Tears in corners of my eyes i’m just watching you shining
You found your thunder on your own
Now i came thru for the lightning

I’m goin meta w the metaphors
Motherf#ck all the rhyming
I’m not too pressed for the space
It’s always been about timing
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Rose the Firebreather Lyrics – About timing

Rose the Firebreather

About timing