BRAINSTORMING Letra – Keyblade

BRAINSTORMING Letra by Keyblade

He de comenzar este proyecto
Tengo talento
Y me lo voy a demostrar
Mi plan maestro

Será exprimir mi cerebro
Hasta idear una idea ideal
Tan solo debo encontrar
Un concepto que tenga potencial

Y que merezca la pena explorar
Llego el momento de hacer…
Miles de ideas surcan mi cabeza

Multiplicaré por mil
Las que ayuden en esta proеza
Y haré un manifiesto, ¡si!
¡Creo que por fin tеngo algo!

Llevo tres horas sin poder dormir
Nada suena convincente
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I have to start this project
I have talent
And I’m going to show it to me
My Master Plan

It will be squeezed my brain
Even Ideal An Idea Idea
I just have to find
A concept that has potential

And that is worth exploring
The time comes to do …
Thousands of ideas come up my head

Multiplicaré per thousand.
Those who help in this proporse
And I will make a manifesto, yes!
I think he finally tested something!

I’ve been able to sleep three hours
Nothing sounds convincing
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Keyblade Lyrics – BRAINSTORMING