Don’t Let’s Start Lyrics – They Might Be Giants

Don’t Let’s Start Lyrics by They Might Be Giants

Don’t, don’t, don’t let’s start
This is the worst part
Could believe for all the world
That you are my precious little girl

But don’t, don’t, don’t let’s start
I’ve got a weak heart
And I don’t get around how you get around
When you are alone

You are the cat, you are the phone
You are an animal
The words I’m singing now
Mean nothing more than “meow”

To an animal
Wake up and smell the cat food
In your bank account
But don’t try to stop the tail

That wags the hound
D – world destruction
O-ver an overture
N – do I need

T – need this torture?
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They Might Be Giants Lyrics – Don’t Let’s Start

They Might Be Giants

Don’t Let’s Start