ERROR Lyrics – Swaine

ERROR Lyrics by Swaine

So low
So long
I been here way too long

Nights of frustation
Long nights put in work for nothing
Prayers up but i pray to nothing
Throne up above i want it

Might as well since were being honest
Took the blame and i went with it
Breathed flames and i spread with it
Fiction didn’t work so what is it?

Don’t lie to me don’t try it
Don’t give in no sighin
No p#ssies in my house
No way i keep livin like this

Gotta pay the rent
Buy the damn buildin
Look at young d so ambitious
Whole fam on his whole back type sh#t

Carryin us to the dub
Didn’t know what i was doin till about 6 months into 2021
6 years spent tryna find 1
Which one will it be

To put us on the map
The way i wanted
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Swaine Lyrics – ERROR