False Hope Lyrics – Tendon Levey

False Hope Lyrics by Tendon Levey

If I show you music
You must pretend I didn’t
You can not tell Florentin
‘Cause he will tell my teacher

I will get in trouble
Like the two times before
I’ll come out so much angrier
And darker than before

Weakened every time
Every time it happens
But then my pride gets stronger
I remember I’m a god

I will show you music
‘Cause you’re dependable
I don’t carе if you like it
Just as long as you don’t tell another soul

I want to diе
But I have hope
‘Cause I can’t die
I already tried

Four or five times
Already tried
So I have hope
Because I’m forced to
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Tendon Levey Lyrics – False Hope

Tendon Levey

False Hope