FLOWSWITCH, Pt. 2 Lyrics – Lonely Rich

FLOWSWITCH, Pt. 2 Lyrics by Lonely Rich

These n#gg#s want smoke
Won’t duck that (nah)
Chevy with a hemi, got kickback (skrrtt)
Bounce around the beat

Gotta hit that
Cma drip, can’t match that, wow
Shawty too bad
Gotta take her outta town

Make her touch toes
Lil baby go wild
Bottles in my section
Know she feeling my style

V8 in the hood
Know the hemi gon’ growl
Know my hemi gon’ growl
Heavy on the track

Baby lewis go wild
I’ma take the beat like a jumper
Ball out
And my lil shawty know i go all out

She from outta state
Baby, i’m from outta town
Eastlawn baby, can’t touch my style
Drip young n#gg#, you know this my flex

f#ck the baddest hoes
And i’m doin that the best
They know i’m back with a flow switch

Beat is a burner, i might have to toast it
None of the pain tick me off in the mostest
Feelin’ like moses
I part her seas, yea

You know my n#gg#s throw cs, yea
Can’t a n#gg# f#ck with me, yea
Icy my watch and piece, yea
Come here baby, just suck on my meat

Pick up the pace, i got somewhere to be
You bought her a ring, she belong to the streets
That b#tch hit, take on for the team
Watch how you talk when you talking to me

I’ma walk in this b#tch and i’m rockin’ the skis
n#gg#s doin’ the dope and i’m selling the seed
I don’t f#ck on nobody, celibacy
But i like to flirt, don’t go telling on me

I ain’t a thot, make her beg for the d
Make a fat b#tch sing when i step on the scene
And my flowswitch mean since 2018
Sloppy top notch, it got knots in the jeans

Like to slide to the spot with two thots in between
And the all wanna cop in the lot off the jeep
I play dumb when the cops hit the scene
It go like you get ripped off, got get ya big dog

You thought he’d press me but my blick hot
Ugh, now you got me pissed off
Finna split a p#ss# wig, knock his head off
She make me breakfast in bed, i’ma big boss

Still had to cut her off like jigsaw
I mean she good for the head but my dick soft
And i ain’t really tryna cuff this b#tch, uh
I just really wanna f#ck that’s it, uh (that’s it)

Rarely ever get to c#m when i hit but (i don’t)
Let’s have a lil fun real quick (uh-huh)
Got a lil bit of rum we can sip (okay)
Smoke gas, hope your lungs is equipped (ya ya)

In the stu with a gun on my hip
Like to shoot till i empty the clip
Then pop out like “remember me b#tch?”
Rich on the beat

So the flow, i gotta tweak that
Bad b#tch lookin too hard
I can see that
My crew whip fast cars

Can’t believe that
Steppin’ on the beat with a feat
That was back in ‘18
I was still a jit with a mic on the scene

Now i got a bad girl
Off white jeans
Me and lil savio, we f#cking up the scene
Shawty wanna spit my verse for a drink

Ima call a bad atl jawn
She just wanna f#ck and suck dick
No relations
f#ck it, mess her head up with a quick vacation

Now she call me daddy for the whole wrong reasons
Shoutout to my right hand bro, that’s yellow
Ball out like melo

Step on the beat like a demon, the devil
Hop in the whip but it ain’t no camaro
Me and the homies we up like sopranos
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Lonely Rich Lyrics – FLOWSWITCH, Pt. 2

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