Forevermore Lyrics – Sandhewa Beryl

Forevermore Lyrics by Sandhewa Beryl

Dark hair, black dress
Your feet on the dash
The city lights like glitter on my eyes
I’m ten feet tall

Let’s just stay here where we are
We kiss as cigarettes turn into ash
We didn’t care bout the time that’s running fast
It’s past out curfew and we’re still out of town

So tell me things aren’t gonna change that much
I’m sorry for all the little things that i’ve done
Cause if things do change i hope ur still in my arms
I’ll love you forever it don’t matter what’s wrong

I’ll be on your side until forever and more
Now i miss you bad i haven’t seen u in a while
All the bits and pieces i reminisce of what we had
Just wanna drink, sleep and laugh with you

Spending all our cash without a clue
Tell me if you feel the same way too
And you suddenly came over and you’re bringing me flowers
And you’re wearing my favorite shirt that i gave you last month

All the time we’ve spent on our own quickly fades off for once
You got me out of my head oh hope things stay the same oh
So tell me things aren’t gonna change that much
Don’t ever let go of my lips cause i can’t have you gone

Don’t wanna kiss someone i’ll miss
You’re always my forever i
Don’t know if i could, baby just come closer
I’ll make sure things are good

And you’ll be my forever
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Sandhewa Beryl Lyrics – Forevermore

Sandhewa Beryl