Freestyle Letra – MC Ceja

Freestyle Letra by MC Ceja

Hey, Hey, Hey…
“Yo” I got conects that got Tek”s and Ak’s
To prove the case better not “play”
Mendoza ha sido el rey

Since the early days
Triturando brains en la Vieja Escuela
Ahora canto y doy “clases en la Nueva”
Y mientras tu vas en “slow-mo”, Suena el promo

Del hombre que en su trono
Tiene un “microphone” de oro
Tu cantas como un “loro”
Mono, ya es tiempo de cobrar mi “bono”

La cuota, cierra esa apestosa boca
O veras como todo mi temperamento “explota”
Ridiculos no quieren competir contra su idolo
Yo pongo mi nombre en su boca

Como si yo fuera un ventrilocuo
Quien se equivoco? “Yo o Tu”
Muchos mueren y el que sobrevive es “Shang Tsung”
“Yo” El enviado del sol

El que hace mover m#th*rf#ck*rs con “su flow”
“Here I am” call me a trooper like “via”
Crazy motherfeckers “we are”
Representing “P-R” to the fullest

Feeding you with arroz con gandules
(Yeah, Come on) “Watch it”
For the azules I’m crazy, “yes yall”
El Cejon got it going on

Te hago perder el control
Tu eres “aficionado” y yo rap “comisionado”
Con un “Glock” ando desperado
“Get ready to battle”

Yeah, and you be dying “pretty soon”
n#gg#s on the block call me “great Shang Tsung”
Rolling with the “Glock” I main-“tain”
Blow up your motherf#cking “brains”, in the terrain

“That’s me” I smoke weed, I spark trees
Do it like these and be an MC
“Check it”
Mendoza (Mendoza)

Yeah, Yeah
Mendoza freestyle (Ceja, Ceja…)
Straight buckwilling

Check it”
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Freestyle Lyrics English

Hey Hey hey…
“I” I Got Connects That Got Tek “S and AK’s
To Provide The Case Better Not “Play”
Mendoza has been the king

Since The Early Days
Truiturando Brains in the old school
Now I sing and give “classes in the new”
And while you go in “Slow-Mo”, the promo sounds

Of man who on his throne
He has a golden “microphone”
You sing like a “parrot”
Monkey, it’s time to charge my “bonus”

The fee, closes that stinky mouth
Or you will see like all my temperament “exploits”
Ridiculous do not want to compete against his idol
I put my name in your mouth

As if I were a ventrico
Who is wrong? “Me or you”
Many die and the one that survives is “Shang Tsung”
“I” Sun Submitted

He who makes m#th*rf#ck*rs move with “his flow of him”
“Here I Am” Call Me A Trooper Like “Via”
Crazy Motherfeckers “We are”
Representing “P-R” to the Fullest

Feeding You With Rice with Gandules
(Yeah, eat on) “Watch It”
For The Blues I’m Crazy, “Yes Yall”
The Cejon Got It Going On

I make you lose control
You are “amateur” and I rap “Commissioner”
With a “Glock” Wowed Wow
“Get Ready to Battle”

Yeah, and You Be Dying “Pretty Soon”
n#gg#s on the Block Call Me “Great Shang Tsung”
Rolling with the “Glock” I Main- “Tain”
Blow Up Your Motherf#cking “Brains”, in the terrain

“That’s me” I smoke weed, i spark trees
“Check it”
Mendoza (Mendoza)

Yeah, yeah.
Mendoza Freestyle (eyebrow, eyebrow …)
Straight Buckwilling

Check it ”
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MC Ceja Lyrics – Freestyle

MC Ceja