Grocery Run Lyrics – Sidney Amos

Grocery Run Lyrics by Sidney Amos

Your dad asked where we parked the car
And I looked at you to see
You pointed at a fence just out the door, you were all
So familiar with that place

You asked if we could drive through some neighborhoods
Take the long way to the store
You looked outside the passenger window as we drove
By your old front door

And you said
Look at all the things that I have seen
And all the people that I’ve been
And now, I’m here

Of all thе things that I have seen
And everyonе I’ve ever been
And now we’re at a grocery store
South of north of where I was before

I said “You never told me your dads a painter”
You said “He only paints the dogs”
And sometimes, he doesn’t know what to say
But god damn is he trying

I told when it was that I felt sure about you
Cause it was just last month
And you said “You probably shouldn’t love me
I said “God damn it I am trying”
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Sidney Amos Lyrics – Grocery Run

Sidney Amos

Grocery Run