holyshit Lyrics – rose the firebreather

holyshit Lyrics by rose the firebreather

​i said praise should be to god
​​​​pride before the fall
​​​trip before the altar
​​​saw my soul like saul

​​they sell their soul for quarters
​​it never made them whole
​​no earthly satisfaction
​​could satisfy my soul

​​control the flow
​​that’s an oxy moron
​​power is a drug

​bigger than the book he swore on
​​they stay tryna land me
​i just soar on
​soar on

​all they little flows be so damn boring, boring

​i’m the evil twin of the ingenue
​disgenuine because i’m a genius with a birds eyе view

​​from the skies shе flew
​like a cloud i’m blue
​rain and wind it blew
​catch the pocket like the flu

​got a range so i just shoot
​can’t avoid me like the truth
​vines been growing i’m the fruit
​more or less i know the route

​i been grown up since my youth
​i’m a elder in the booth
​dress it up and follow suit

​i been suited perfectly for the role that they gon make me play
​from the stars but i never meant to be one
​i just found the way

​the vocals too cerebral like cortex
​ahead of the game to be head the game
​i’m stepping on more necks
​classics as my currency

​trade tricks like it’s forex
​vision straight from the vortex
​reflection like a reflex
​til i’m flexing w more checks

​i’m striding past your steps
​on the mic like i’m sir epps
​house of the reps
​i’m representing the new age

​purify the game burning woods like the new sage
​still burning sage doe
​and i’m riding the rainbow
​to the new page

​create magic the hell of it
​and b#tch i’m f#ckin passionate
​spell the name in lowercase

​caps off like a graduate
​use my album as an amulet
​use my opps sh#t as the opposite
​there ain’t no runner up

​f#ck consolation and a consulate

​so if they ask you who to call
​tell em first they gotta leap

​f#ck i look like losing sleep
​over some motherf#ckin sheep
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rose the firebreather Lyrics – holyshit

rose the firebreather