If God Is for Us Lyrics – Commissioned

If God Is for Us Lyrics by Commissioned

Tell me, brother, please
Why do you fear your enemies
You worry day and night
And you’re so afraid to fight

You say there’s nothing you can do
For they all outnumber you
You feel you have no power
They say your soul they must devour

You feel like you are all alone
If God is for us
Who can be against us
The world against us

Is less than none, none
If God is for us
It’s His power now, you know
That defeated every foe

With hands both left and right
More than a million put to flight
In the heart of your enemies
They facе the cruel reality

That your trust in His might
And for you Hе’s gonna fight
In your weakness He is strong
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Commissioned Lyrics – If God Is for Us


If God Is for Us