Journey’s End Lyrics – The Fire Escape

Journey’s End Lyrics by The Fire Escape

Well a friend of mine went on a trip
He was a messed up guy
He thought that on that trip
Well, maybe he could fly

He had a cube of sugar
A ticket for his trip
He walked inside some scene before
Should he take the trip?

Will I hear the sound of silence
What will the acid find?
Will it help me cross the
No man’s land of my wasted mind?

Will the sugar cube of sweetness
Eat my conscious clean?
Will the walls and floors and ceiling
Tell me what livеs in me?

But no matter what I told him
No matter how hard I triеd
My buddy just had to take that trip
‘Cause he thought it was a really cool high

Some cats just won’t listen
No matter how hard you try
I told him please forget the trip
And then we said goodbye

I read it in the papers
About the guy they’d found
He said that he was flying
But he was rolling on the muddy ground

Yeah he took that trip
A long long trip
A trip that will never end
So you must die now and

I hope you fly to heaven
Now later, so long friend
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The Fire Escape Lyrics – Journey’s End

The Fire Escape - Journey's End (1967)

The Fire Escape

Journey’s End