Legendary -Remix Lyrics – Pure Money T

Legendary -Remix Lyrics by Pure Money T

I say Rappin ain’t hard
Especially when you got a lot to say
Bro copped rocket launchers

Don’t point your Glock this way
Tap in
Got green for the lows holiday
Get your block heated up

Have em shoot your block
While I sit back, Michel Bay
n#gg# want smoke

I got more than more a fire place
My bag just landed
Got it out of state
n#gg# still short, better find a different way

Popped a n#gg#
Grew some facial hair, went on a getaway
Got the ops saying
“How he on camera and still got away?”

Driving spaceships
You can find me in the milkyway
n#gg# light on some cash
Better believe his body off thе bay

I take a hit from this blunt give me еnergy
n#gg# weak
They don’t have enough energy
I’m drop bars

When they look up they’ll remember me
Get rich or die trying
Because being broke is my enemy
That’s your main b#tch

Me and her got history
This about to be the 3 film
T-Raw, T for trilogy
Ask how I make money

It’s going to remain a mystery
I prefer a blunt in each hand
I don’t drink but when I do

I down Hesseny
I don’t touch body’s
I touch a milli
And its meant to be

Hustle all day
Work all night
Sleep don’t get into me
I peep the fake

You ain’t got to pretended to me
If I say it’s on some paper
That’s my proclamation
Your 100 percent a b#tch

That’s my approximation
Been 100 plus I’m that one
My dogs call me Dalmatian
Light skin n#gg#

But my pockets fulled with Caucasian
Yo b#tch
At the crib
She trying to figure out my occupation

We ran though your crib together
Call it calibration
Big Glock when it pop
You in the air like aviation

We pop out with sticks
And you the main patient
I told em the money coming in
You just to be patient

Eyes low off this weed
Looking like I’m Asian
Last time I dropped
This n#gg#s know I’m not playing

So when I pull up to the curb
Better not have me waiting
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Pure Money T Lyrics – Legendary -Remix

Pure Money T

Legendary -Remix