Let It Out Lyrics – Racerr

Let It Out Lyrics by Racerr

Don’t know what I been through
Don’t know where I came from
Having nightmares when the sun out

(It messed my mental up)
High key finna spazz out
(Where’s my instrumental)
In the stu finna let it out

(I’m sentimental ah)

And I’m Smokin dope just to hide my pain
You can’t relate boy we not the same

I was left alone I was in the rain
Had to hold bruh with them bloody stains
I was traumatized I was so insane
Had to pray to God almost lost my ways

I was eating low I was losing weight
Lost my friends had to cut them off
No dad man f#ck my pops
I’m still sad while I’m counting guap

I been asking God for this pain to stop
It’s hard to breathe like it’s weight on top
My heart hurt think it’s finna pop
I feel good when it’s pills to pop

I look good but I go through a lot
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Racerr Lyrics – Let It Out


Let It Out