Lifted Spell Lyrics – J Termz

Lifted Spell Lyrics by J Termz

Repping everywhere like paraphernalia
I feel it’s only right I make my presence felt
Til the very least get you very familiar
Just to leave it up to me

No need to stress yourself
But do me one favor gone head and catch your breath
Should you dare to enter the point of no return
Cause once the warning is adjourned

Then it’c confirmed we need no extra prep
On to the second step
Raising my magnitude of my magnitude of my awning
Bombarding these novice occupants calling you n#gg#s bluffs

Catapulting my stats
Ain’t no added luxury tax
For a Monumentalz operative
Barging no bargaining just call it quits

Word to my mother I got this covered like renditions
Search of new beginnings
All it took was me enlisting
Road to the riches I treat the clutch

Like I’m Mitch Richmond
Gone and toss your cap
I’m out your class with these ill writtens
You ain’t even qualified to comment

The scales different
Pedestals from making better use of my L’s given
Well scrimmaged
That money talking like sale pitches

So it’s time to sell tickets
Til I get that spell lifted
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J Termz Lyrics – Lifted Spell

J Termz

Lifted Spell