Loco Lyrics – Scott Goodwin

Loco Lyrics by Scott Goodwin

(Na na na, no no no, no)
I’ve been on one date with this b#tch, she knows more about me than my father
I try not to quit, but now I’m back smoking
We’ve been drinking all night let’s mix in a water

I think I’m feeling loco
Born and raised in Toronto
Never been a no show
I miss the horseshoe and sweating on fans before corona

Trade limes for lemons
Trade lives for credit
No more etc
Hit me with some details

Ex girl working in retail
Still praying for a promotion
Or some time by the ocean
None of us save money, it seems hopeless

You brave honey, yeah I’m just boasting
I make art mostly
These days I’m looking for a real job, I’m a little tired of hustling
Went from the bus to a Beamer, back to the bus again

Trust me fam, I know I’m doing cool sh#t, but it’s only worth it if you’re listening
Didn’t grow up a Christian
But I believe on gods mission
I am the blues brother

Sold my life for the microphone
Wish I got a receipt
Still learning how to sing
Still learning how to breathe

I’m still learning what’s me
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Scott Goodwin Lyrics – Loco

Scott Goodwin