Love letters Lyrics – Pigeon Pit

Love letters Lyrics by Pigeon Pit

Like pictures on my tv or tiles on my kitchen floor or miles, beers, and ghosted plans just more more more more more more more
I just can’t stop thinking, baby, night after night
How we both look like sh#t under these gas station lights
I hang my feet off of my trestles, hang my head when

You come around maybe tonight i won’t stay up just to put myself down down down down toss bottles off my rooftop, hear them shatter in the street, stumble through this maze of alleys, pick the glass out of my feet
There’s nothing that i wouldn’t steal for you no roof or bridge i wouldn’t climb to feel like i’m alive i went to your sob story and all i got was a fist fight i might not tеll you the whole truth but all you do is lie liе lie lie
The slowing of your breathing, the slurring of your
Speach the burn marks on my legs, the stepping stones down to the beach the way you’re looking at me, baby, you’re so f#cking out of reach but the stars don’t look the same since your body found peace

If every shooting star we wish on’s just a chemical burn
Out we can tell each other’s futures in the burn holes on my couch
And if the stars don’t look the same when my luck finally
Runs out dump my body in the sunset on the hill beside my house

Between the road head, the road rage, the dui’s you’ve got many roads to follow down the pupils of your eyes
And if the stars just look the same after hours on my bike
I guess i f#cked it up again but all i can do is try try try try
All you can do is try try try try
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Pigeon Pit Lyrics – Love letters

Pigeon Pit

Love letters