Luh jankëy Lyrics – Yeat

Luh jankëy Lyrics by Yeat

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b#tch, I went and touched me a M so how could I lose?

On cranky
Took another perky, b#tch, I’m cranky like I’m janky
Woke up on the Lamb, I took a crushed up perc, a kranky
I don’t be sniffin’ sh#t but I’m gon’ always keep a hanky

Walk inside the building, put my pinky ring on tankie
I’m flashin’ all my jewelry, you f#ckin’ on some sk#nkies
I got yo lil’ mama on textin’ me, said “Come spank me”
I pulled up, bust a nut, and then she thank me

Matter the fact she ain’t sippin’ on my nut, she just been drankin’ me
That lil’ boy be really a p#ss#, cap on cap, like…
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Yeat Lyrics – Luh jankëy

Yeat - LUH JANKËY "KANT RËLAX" (Snippet)


Luh jankëy