Maeumi Ah Puh Lyrics – Zoan

Maeumi Ah Puh Lyrics by Zoan

I guess I’m not good enough
What’s love
Got to do with it
Finally smoothening

The edges of the diamond in the rough
With his acting chops he’s moving with
I feel like
Life was better

When it was still a possibility
I feel like
Life was better
When I popped a feel on you for me

A typical tragedy
The type of sadness
That makes your sadness

Only get better at saddening
Up on my horse
I wonder whose porch

I’ll live on next
A series of guilt and remorse
I wonder

If I’ll ever get that text
Dress to undress
Mess to confess
Blessed to being stressed

Being next to being mislead
I feel like in my head
I’m like I’m all good
Then I stalk your instagram

And then all I feel is
f#ck you and f#ck your new man
I feel like I want to shout, “I miss you”
In a classroom where they demand that we raise our hands

I’m spilling my heart
You might be thinking
He’s doing this to rack up the streams and plays again
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Zoan Lyrics – Maeumi Ah Puh


Maeumi Ah Puh