Passenger Lyrics – Austin Cleary

Passenger Lyrics by Austin Cleary

Yo I crawl through the city
Lit blunt with me
No drama toke ’til I’m dizzy
Almost three fifty

Blazed and confused
As the AK hits me
Slouched in the Commodore
Levitating, exploring new corridors

Time dies
Circling the block
Crack fiend screams
Reverberate then stop

Neon lights, advertis#ments on signs
Pixels flicker a minute then come alive
These are fossils of the working world
And as big brother sleeps we inherit his earth

We, tumbleweeds, drift in the wind
By the scrunched receipts empty bottles of gin
For fourty-eight hours insomniacs roam
No where to go back home

Travel in packs and black coats
Well acquainted with the seat in the back
Snow in February off the key to a flat
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Austin Cleary Lyrics – Passenger

Austin Cleary