Ponga Letra – Bruno Porter

Ponga Letra by Bruno Porter

Tantos cuadros que ver
Tanto que interpretar
Si usted lo ve bien
Se sienta a pensar

Por qué yo lo entiendo mal
A mi me parece, que soy muy mal
Cintura e’ lona
Date en medio y mejor

Te enterás de una infancia
El concepto de jardín
Donde, usted se sienta a vomitar
Porque yo lo entiendo más

A mi me parece eso muy mal
Sus gafas secuestres
No vengás, no vengás a distraerme
Si no me lo

Las alas de ese ventilador
Mueven el aire de esta sala
Y regulan nuestra noche
Va a tener que instalar

Para enfocar bien, lo que no viene enfocado
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Ponga Lyrics English

So many paintings to see
So much to interpret.
If you see it well
Sit down to think

Why I understand it wrong
It seems to me, that I am very bad
Waist E ‘Canvas
Date in the middle and better

You find out about a childhood
The concept of garden
Where, you sit down to vomit
Because I understand it more

I think that very bad
Its kidnapping glasses
Do not come, do not come to distract me
If I do not

The wings of that fan
Move the air in this room
And regulate our night
You are going to have to install

To focus well, what does not come focused
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Bruno Porter Lyrics – Ponga

Bruno Porter