Poor Black Mattie Lyrics – RL Burnside

Poor Black Mattie Lyrics by RL Burnside

Poor Black Mattie, yeah (Poor Black Mattie)
Ain’t got a change in clothes (change in clothes)
Girl got drunk, oh (girl got drunk)
Close that door (close that door)

Poor Black Mattie (Poor Black Mattie)
Ain’t got change o’ clothes
Girl got drunk, throwed her trunk outdoor
Goin’ to Memphis to see that (goin’ to Memphis)

Worldly fair (the worldly fair)
Reason I’m goin’ (the reason I’m goin’)
Baby, there (is my baby’s there)
Goin’ to Memphis (goin’ to Memphis)

See that worldly fair
Reason I’m goin’, ’cause my baby there
Need no heater fireplace (need no heater)
By my bed (said, by my bed)

Woman I got (that woman I got)
Cherry red (cherry red)
Need no heater (need no heater)
Fireplace by my bed

Woman I got, keep me cherry red
Woman I got (woman I got)
Keep me cherry red (keep me cherry red)
Woman I got (woman I got)

Keep me cherry red (keep me cherry red)
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RL Burnside Lyrics – Poor Black Mattie

RL Burnside

Poor Black Mattie