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Porcelain limbs Lyrics by NOTLEWY

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I’m chain-smokin’ blunts ‘till my lungs give out
And i got demons sleepin’ on my couch
I never gave a f#ck
Don’t think that i’m startin’ now

Down and out
Think my body’s breakin’ down
You’re always too in your head

Don’t have to do this today
But then tomorrow forget you had to do anything
Tell me how much of a f#cking burden i am
My limbs are fragile but my ego isn’t, really, i am

I got porcelain limbs
Watch me crack ‘em someday
I’m a ghost in the night with my porcelain skin
No, i never feel right

It’s always something i miss
There’s always something i want
And something that i forget
I got porcelain limbs

They just crack, they don’t bend
The only time i feel high
Is when i’m down in a ditch
Don’t go towards the light

No, don’t go towards the mist
Outta sight, outta mind, and into the abyss
I don’t sleep and my arms real slender
They might break, like my heart, in a blender

Lungs made a call, but i stay smokin’ pressure
Ice cold veins got me shinin’ in december
I might drive a short bus just to drive it off a cliff
‘cause you know how it goes

I’m retarded ‘till the end
I might hit a lick on yo grandma’s china cabinet
You might also like(told you that i’m sick)
(told you-told you-told you that i’m sick)

Told you that i’m sick
Twisted in the head, yeah, just a bit
Plus i’m off the meds
Pissin’ lighter fluid, burnin’ red

Don’t care what they say
I’m misunderstood, i’m just a man
Ghostly figure in the night
Scars throbbin’ on my skin

I’m not sorry for my sins
I don’t know what sorry is
Always angry as a b#tch
I am just my father’s kid

I am everything i hate
Everything that i regret
I am shattered into pieces
What is broken can’t be fixed

No, what is broken can’t be fixed
And i’m retarded ‘till the end
My limbs are made of porcelain
My limbs are made of porcelain

So i can shatter into dust
Don’t know a soul that i can trust
Or what is love and what is lust
And i don’t know my right from wrong

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NOTLEWY Lyrics – Porcelain limbs


Porcelain limbs