QLC Lyrics – Manny Bravo

QLC Lyrics by Manny Bravo

I walked through the city one day
Everything for sale

The buildings towered high
Concrete Obelisks celebrate the march of progress
Since Ra taught us to build monuments

The sun shined on my flesh and
Tanned my skin
Cops stopped and frisked the kids with melanin
And the kick is

While the cops is messing with n#gg#s
My dealer is a white chick
The hopes and dreams of a million beings

Giving meaning to these dark places
I waited
For the street lights to come on
For night to take away the gloss

It never happened
Next week we’re awake but we’re still napping
Next week the same motherf#cking thing happened
The irony of all men is

Being stuck in cycles but feeling free inside of them
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Manny Bravo Lyrics – QLC

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