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Return to Ripperland Lyrics by PLOO

Zion hear me!
The Machines have gathered an army and we have a difficult time ahead of us
But if we are to be prepared for it we must first shed our fear of it
I stand here without fear because I remember

I remember that I am hear not because of the path that lies before me
But because of the path that lies behind me!
I remember that for one hundred years we have fought these machines!
I remember that for one-hundred years they have sent their armies to destroy us

And after a century of war I remember that which matters most!
We are still here!
Knowledge God on a row boat floating back to Ripperland
Motivated by the stars, the Mixing Board in my hands

I had to defeat Mr Smith before leaving the Matrix
Transformed into a spirit, now getting back to the basics
I teach the youth but the youth refuse to learn
You stupid m#th*rf#ck*rs, I’ll make your souls burn

I made divine darts so they grow spiritually
But the squids who threw away my bars offended me
My new love was the cure, good sex but got bored
Summoned to the Mixing Board where I’m sharpening my swords

The gods phoned my cell and I will answer your call
And drop steel thoughts like sh#t from the seagulls
Video film revealed they govern with the Iron Heel
They crush chariot steel to prevent movement of the wheel

They got me running through the fields searching for my last meals
But don’t kneel before artists and beg for record deals
We cogs in the wheel, they don’t care how we feel
They controlling Man with fear but this world’s not real

My message for the leaders, we’ll shoot holes in your heads
And my team of gravediggers gon’ wake the mental dead
Stop living in ya dreams, you have to get off your back
Cos earthquake machines gon’ wipe us off the map

2012 film scenes shifts the blame on the Sun
But they using Tesla beams made in Area 51
Modifying the weather creating global destruction
Earthquakes and great floods, storms and volcanic eruptions

Manmade AIDS and the swine flu virus
They planning World War III, you must open your eyelids
Population control that’s what it’s all about
We have to survive, that’s what life is about

The New World Order that’s what it’s all about
We have to survive, that’s what love is about
We have to survive!!!!
All weather is modified by the government

All these events that are going on in Australia
And all these floods and earthquakes
Have actually been controlled with Tesla technology
That was found out way back in Area 51 in the 50’s

Everything that is going on in the world is 100% controlled
Somebody just doesn’t want this information out there
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PLOO Lyrics – Return to Ripperland


Return to Ripperland