SLAUGHTER Lyrics – Dylber & Jonah Burch

SLAUGHTER Lyrics by Dylber & Jonah Burch

Why you talk like you want beef with me b#tch i don’t know you
But i at least know you don’t want real beef you want tofu
You don’t want no heat i be in the kitchen yeah b#tch i’ll show you
Cause you know where there’s smoke there’s fire and i’ll out smoke you

When yo b#tch wanna talk she call me yeah, yeah i’m her go to
And i try not to act like i’m real hard cause i don’t want those who
Walk that walk after they talk that talk to pull up come through
But youon know nothing about life like that you fake gang so you

Talk sh#t on the internet
Acting like a kitty cat
p#ss# in a pretty hat
Be on the committee that

Be in different cities that
Have to get out pretty fast
Mfs with a hitting bat
Telling you to give me that

Telling you to give me what
p#ss# #ss shut the f#ck up
Nothing that a b#tch stuck up
Nothing but a lame suck up

Baby need a sippy cup
No t#tt#es for you to suck
Nature vs. nurture up
I’ma keep my .40 tucked

I’ma leave you deconstruct
Gonna wish that you had ducked
Gonna wish that you had looked
For the swinging for the hook

I don’t do sh#t by the book
Leave you wonder what i took
Leave you calling me a crook
I don’t know how you mistook

What you do as being good
Thinking you misunderstood
Who i am not who i was
I don’t do sh#t just because

I ain’t following your laws
Call me a p#ss# here the claws
Who you slaughtering not dylber
Cause i don’t need your strife

Think i’m looking for a fight
But i don’t need no stripe
Think about the sh#t you doing
Is it really worth your life

Think you gon stab me in the back
You forget i hold the knife
Got the prom king flow
Bumping to that ceelo

Driving down the interstate
Catch you with my friends
Then you finna catch these hands
I don’t take nicely

When you try cross pollinate
Date going bad
I’m finna yell mayday
Date going good

She pull it like a shake weight
Just a black kid
In a small town
I ain’t got a sheet yet

Like the pre-kkk
When she typing
Got me thinking she latina
The way she write essays

Waiting for my death day
Please throw your bets in
Am i gonna catch up
With dreams am i destined

Catch me a dead end
Jesus better step in
Before i do something that i’m finna
Be regretting

Nah i’m just playing
I be friends and cashing in on what i’m writing
While they girls be dming

Y’all know i’m just living
Said i did it, no i didn’t
Know i did it
But i didn’t

Keep the writtens
No reciepts i ain’t with business
Im just listing all the things
I can bring

To the sentence
Swear i can’t cook but i’m makin’ the bread
Swear i can’t write but i’m three albums in
Swear i am black just look at my dreads

Swear i get lit but not with the grass
Mowing ’em down
Swear i can keep up with flowi’m endowed
Swear i can keep the raw jokes on the down low, i can browse on a unknown rappers output

No ghost writing ain’t with casper
I’m low life wrong chapter
No wife

Cause i know i can’t get past her
Even thoughi lapped her
I’ll traverse the dark alone with no tracker
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Dylber & Jonah Burch Lyrics – SLAUGHTER

Dylber & Jonah Burch