Sound Of Love Lyrics – Danko Jones

Sound Of Love Lyrics by Danko Jones

You’ve got a broken heart that just won’t fix
You can’t stop crying ’cause you miss your miss
Get her out of your head!
Find someone new instead and feel alright

Just look at me, man I was just like you
I loved a girl, but then we were through
Everytime you commit/ You only gonna split and say goodbye
So are you in or are you out ?

Huckle up baby!
To the sound of love
You’re quick to fall in love and then you fall out
You say forever but I give you about a month at the most

You always get bored and leave her to dry
You’ll find true love with a woman not a girl
You’ll know it’s her when she becomes your world
When you’re together you won’t notice time will just fly by

Can you hear that sound ?
That’s the sound of love!
And everytime you see her she’ll get a little hotter (*4)
Beautiful girl, hve your time

Just relax and wait a while
Ooh I caught you looking let’s start the cooking
You know what I’m saying ?
Can you hear that sound ?

That’s the sound of love!
Now where the pretty girls at?
‘Cause I’m the man with the black hat
This is the sound of love
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Danko Jones Lyrics – Sound Of Love

Danko Jones

Sound Of Love