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Stiff Arm Lyrics by Nosorious

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★ Verse 1 ★
Stiff arm, boutta drop a Woj bomb

Took another hit, now i’m out for the year no charms
Lucky so lucky, got the monkeys paw
I’m a genius, no one believes me, God
Greek life, how y’all boutta teach me art

All my atoms put together like an animatron
Can’t hide, living in deception, a con
I’ll transform turn into the villain no arc
More life needed in the 704

Been tryna get to heaven, on wheels through doors
I’m on Kanye’s side, need the shirt, free North
Coulda stayed together but you can’t wife a who--
★ Chorus ★

That’s a whole day, hanging onto what I Said
Switching up them bills like prez
Half-life, legends only livе in your head
Nos been in the house doing dancеs yeaaa

★ Verse 2 ★
Stiff arm, boutta drop a woj bomb
Took another hit, now I’m out for the year, no harm
That’s life, vagabond the bomb site

Reconsider all
Go on travel to the birthplace, gone
Cook time, picture on my good side
Better get the flick right

After 10 hits i get dry
Cold lines, reading on my old lines
Everybody outside, I was contemplating in the dark
Halftime, better have a tight show planned

But you still on the outside, tryna reach in
Sample the depths of the heart of what I said
Been flipping the script on the monsters head
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Damn, where you tryna hide, who’s man’s
f#ck it, boutta take the spotlight, here
I’m handsome, I live with no fears
No ID Swim Good to the peers, yeah

★ Verse 3 ★
Stiff arm, boutta drop a Woj bomb
Took another hit then forgot the whole year on God
Animal the grace 3 days till dawn

Been counting down the minutes to Europa songs
That’s life, put me on ice, no cost
Them rocks ain’t steady, run the risk of running off
Rain still coming, but the story too broad

Them pigs start tripping off the acid in the trough
Animal pharm, tell me who got thumbs
Been chasing nirvana but i still feel dumb
Jaded, im clever but i still have fun

Now im dancing, duetting with myself with no one
Haze so strong, that I think I see something
Minds eye, drive by the drive by, hunting
Astral the whole time, know I’ve seen nothing

Ain’t this a b#tch, gotta write another humthing
★ Chorus ★
Once a day, im on dare
Everybody tryna blow smoke in my ear

That’s right, look me in the mirror
Wrote this for you shoulda started with dear
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Nosorious Lyrics – Stiff Arm


Stiff Arm