Storytime Lyrics – Aj RodGuns

Storytime Lyrics by Aj RodGuns

Milk and cookies before bed
With a story mother read
A tale about Miss Little Red, and how she ended up well dead
Run Little Red, run runaway

Grandmas house is right this way
Run Little Red, run runaway
Before you end up dead today
It’s story time, grab your books

Write it down, then watch it bleed
It’s story time, fill it up with words
And after you’re done
You burn it so it doesn’t come true [Ooooo

It’s story time
Oh daddy can you read me a bedtime story
‘Cause I can’t fall asleep
Can you tell me how it’s like to bе much older, and why father’s love giving that cold shouldеr

About what’s it’s like to get older
And why fathers love to leave and never return
Once upon a time there was a

He was acting kinda strange
Saying things I couldn’t say
Then he started mumbling and screaming out your name
He started writing things down now he’s saying
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Aj RodGuns Lyrics – Storytime

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