Street Wars Lyrics – Palmerforce Two

Street Wars Lyrics by Palmerforce Two

Street wars, streets wars, fight to stay alive!
Street wars, streets wars, the strong will survive! Rah!
Street wars!
Street wars!

Street wars!
Street wars!
Everywhere you look you’ll see the battle going on
The streets are on fire and no one thinks it’s wrong

People just don’t know the realities of life
Decisions are made with guns and knives
Not far away as the sun slowly sets
A man is stabbed as payment to a debt

His enemy was many and his friends very few
So when he lost his job he knew that he was through
Now his burden lies close to the ground
While thе man who took his life quickly leaves town

Thе streets are colored a tainted red
And nothing’s gonna change ’til we all lose our heads, rah!
From Miami to New York, Atlanta to LA
The fight to survive grows stronger everyday

Those in control will stab you in your back
Ain’t nobody gonna give no slack
Real deep in the city, not so far away
A cop takes a bribe to look the other way

He works long and hard and isn’t paid enough
For workin’ in the street where the battle’s really tough
As he walks away he hears a gunshot
He turns around to see a dying cop

The streets are painted deeply red
And nothing’s gonna change ’til we all lose our heads, rah!
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Palmerforce Two Lyrics – Street Wars

Palmerforce Two

Street Wars