swirv Lyrics – caporee

swirv Lyrics by caporee

(?), uh
Swerve (swerve)
Swerve (swerve)
Swerve (swerve)

Yeah, yeah
Swerve, yeah
Yeah, took my b~tch to back up couple bands, i made it break it off
Tech~9 with a common system, make ’em take it off

Got a diamond ’round my neck, this sh~t like waterfall (yeah)
Got a dior bucket hat, then she like to call it, “sauce”
Got them diamonds in my air, that sh~t water like voss
Got them [?] on yo’ head, my enemies, they takin’ (yeah)

Put a dime on his head, only thing they cost (come on)
Them youngins set ’em up, they wet him up, let ’em off
Diamonds hit on a desert, huh (yeah), punchin’ like mayweather, huh
Poppin’ sh~t like a kettel, huh

Kickin’ sh~t, they fed of us
Bullets fly like a feather, huh
My diamonds, they be wetter (wet)
Put a brick, drop a bird on ‘ya (bird)

That’s a hit (hit), [?]
Ten thousand out pics’ (yeah), ten thousand on a bl!cks (bl!cks)
Yeah, he’s on sipped on though
You grew up? nah, h~lla fl!cks (fl!cks)

If you came about the bricks though
Yeah, where i’m from, then you either fl!cks or nun’, n~gga (zone 6, n~gga)
You got a brain and whips out, n~gga (motherf~ckin’ whip)
You got a brain and chips out, n~gga (big chips)

You gotta spin they sh~t, n~gga (spin ’em wet, n~gga)
Yeah (yeah), bring them sticks, make sure you grab that switch (switch)
I’m gon’ send him a hit (hit), my youngins don’t go bl!cks (bl!cks)
On that 6 side (6 side), where n~gga bust them sticks, don’t miss (don’t miss)

You came with sticks, swear you gon’ get caught in yo’ mix
Them youngins spin yo’ sh~t back to back like a ceiling fan (sh~t)
Don’t play it too many, just get called, “minute man” (minute man)
Not minute man but a mini men (yeah)

Sick of 6 to spin again, can’t catch it up or it get your man
Them young n~ggas, they swervin’
Swerve (swerve)
Swerve (swerve)

Swerve (swerve), uh
Yeah, yeah, uh
Swerve (swerve)
Swerve (swerve)

Swerve (swerve)
Hit (hit)
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caporee Lyrics – swirv