Synesthesia Lyrics – SCVTTERBRVIN

Synesthesia Lyrics by SCVTTERBRVIN

I’m still not a player but you still a hater
Eating vanilla wafers it’s the rap game Ginger Baker
Real low key grinding with the skaters
Throwing demons inside the incinerator

I’m a goonie shape shift the data
Kill the mayor don’t be chilling with the traitors
The media trying to intimidate us
We some alien invaders underground innovators

Did it major sharp as the blade that hit Raubenga
Trying to chill in Asia throwing kush in the Vega
Me and Bebop playing Madden with the Sega
Competition in the swamp swimming with the gators

Libеrator need an interview in The Fadеr
Shouting out everyone who ever did a favor
Appreciate it cause it helped me get to bigger paper
In the circle I’m the 1 blacking out it’s synesthesia

So tell yours kids this a underground MC
Should’ve been to signed to Loud Records undoubtedly
Poet laureate I don’t freestyle for free
Y’all got to talk to management to ask about the fee

First they slept next now they all crowd around a G
Like how did he casually up his salary?
I was bound to see everybody proud of me
Spitting game to Juliet on her balcony

On Bowery all the glass tables powdery
His imperial majesty off a pound of tree
Seen the nuclear plants flowering
World war 3 on the Ralph Lauren tapestry

Belong in Valhalla with the Valkyrie
Dark clouds surround the sea a hitman like Howie T
Out of key breaking thru boundaries
Turning tapes into gold practicing alchemy
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SCVTTERBRVIN Lyrics – Synesthesia