The Long Sounds Song Lyrics – The Letter People

The Long Sounds Song Lyrics by The Letter People

Miss E: Now you know about the vowels
You know our names, too
There’s A and E and I and O and also Miss U
The short sounds we sing are

Aaa, Eee, Iii, Ooo and Uuuu
Uuu, Uuu, Uuu
Now we wants to find a new sound
To make us all stronger

Let’s shout out our short sounds
To make us all longer
Just like our names
Our long sounds just seem like our names

A, E, I, O, U
A, E, I, O, U
We had just one sound
It made us blue

And aaa and eee and iii and ooo and uuu
Now we have a long sound
That gives us two
We have A, E, I, O, U

Now that each of us has two sounds
To sing and to shout
Our new sound has something special
We wanted to sing about

Here are some words that have long words
For you to sing to
Miss O: Ate, eight, eastеr, your heartbeat
Miss E: Iron and ivy and icing so sweet

Miss O: Old and oak and open your pursе
Miss E: Union and units and the whole universe
Miss A, Miss E, Miss I, Miss O and Miss U: A, E, I, O, U
Long sounds that you can sing to
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The Letter People Lyrics – The Long Sounds Song

The Letter People

The Long Sounds Song