The Squoosh Song Lyrics – The Letter People

The Squoosh Song Lyrics by The Letter People

Monty Swell: You think that’ll make a big splash? (laughing) Get it? Big splash! (laughing)
Mister H: (laughing) Yeah, that was real funny, Fiama. Say, Janice has a real surprise for you!
Monty Swell: You’re kidding. A surprise. You do? Oh, I love surprises. What is it, Miss E?
Miss E: I’ve written a song and I thought we can all sing it

Man in audience: A song? Is this it?
Miss E: Yes and it’s all about squooshing. Hit it, Letter People. I think you’ll love it, Johnny
Monty Swell: (spoken) Oh, I certainly hope so. Listen, you know, since I’m the star of this show, I’ll sing the lead
(singing) Now here’s a little something

That we have learn to do
It’s called thе squoosh
And it’s real fun
And you can do it too

You squoosh the sounds togethеr
Make them all just one
Whatever you end in squoosh
Listen how it sounds

There’s lump and pump
And nest and vest
They end in squooshing sounds
Bump and dump

And rest and best
Did you squoosh the sounds?
Now you got the ending squoosh
You’re ready to begin

Just squoosh a word at the start
Come on, let’s squoosh again
There’s step and stop
And sniff and snap

The start of squooshing sounds
Stir and spur
And snug and stoop
Did you squoosh the sounds?

And now that you have learn to squoosh
Start out on your own
Try to find some other words
To squoosh and stool

Right there in your own home
Mister V: (spoken) Oh, Johnny. Johnny, I think I have some more
(singing) Try fast and past
And must and dust

And best and vest
And pans and fans
And mint and hint
And step and stop

And snip and snap
And spin and spun
And snob and snub…
Monty Swell: Snob? Are you calling me a snob? What do you mean by calling me a snob?
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The Letter People Lyrics – The Squoosh Song

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The Squoosh Song