Theme From Taft Lyrics – Histeria!

Theme From Taft Lyrics by Histeria!

I’m tired and I’m hungry
Who’s the presidential one, that almost weighs a quarter ton?
Six foot two, over three hundred thirty pounds

Who is the dude, with the golf and naptime attitude?
Can you putt it?
Who’s the prez that just pigs out, when there’s good food all about?

They say this cat Taft is a bad muncher-
Shut your pie-hole!

Just talkin’ ’bout Taft
Well, he can pig out!
He’s a lazy, laid-back man, that really didn’t wanna be in the White House
William Howard Taft!

{Interlude: Froggo, Toast, Charity Bazaar
Taft was the first president to use cars instead of horses
And the first president to throw out thе first pitch at a baseball game
That’s worth something, isn’t it?

Doеs anybody have a canned ham?
Can we do a little more research before we start these things?!
(*storms off*)
Sheesh! What a grouch!
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Histeria! Lyrics – Theme From Taft


Theme From Taft