Treasure Lyrics – Jeff Williams

Treasure Lyrics by Jeff Williams

Night and day, I’ve waited
For the moment when I’d see your face
And feel you near
All alone in crowded rooms

I’m incomplete, my life is paused
When you’re not here
Though I walk this world
I am nowhere to be found

Every thought’s of you
And for now, you’re lost around
But that’s alright, I’ll be just fine
I’m not concerned with sands of time

If forever comes and goes
I won’t pay it no mind
‘Cause the treasure of my life
Is being by your side

Hour after hour
I spend dreaming that your voice will wake
My slumbering ear
Numb and lost I wander

With no place to go, just aimless ’til
You reappear
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Jeff Williams Lyrics – Treasure

Jeff Williams