We ball Lyrics – Jay Teflon

We ball Lyrics by Jay Teflon

Yea …Teflon for everybody we lost man
We gon ball on em
Rest In Peace they took my cuz from me
I swear we miss u

I got that call heard it was was a official
.shit ain’t gon be same..
Everywhere we here yo name no holidays with out you
Man this sh#t is strange man

I can’t contain sorry I miss your funeral
I was going thru some petty sh#t
Hope that you forgive me hope the lord be with me for you
We gon throw them bs up don’t really drink but for you

We gon t up I hope
You chillin with your feet up
Iknow outwest still going crazy
I swear to god you was west side crazy remember

When we was young on Justine man them days was bussin
Still can’t believe you gone why
They take my cuzzing seen pic of the fam in
That all white man that sh#t was right everybody on the book man that sh#t was nice.. man this can’t be life hop up out my sleep

Like this can’t be right cause
We know b a do it but we gon ball on em
Rip man we miss you man
sh#t ain’t gon be the same man

Rip to everybody we lost man
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Jay Teflon Lyrics – We ball

Jay Teflon

We ball