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WE OUTSIDE (feat. Kuatro20) Lyrics by Flxwz

Aye yeah top ten yeah
Top ten whether dead or alive
I got top ten whether dead or alive
Top ten whether dead or alive

I got seven life′s left
Living better with time
Making money just so I can eat mines
I got six lives left but I’m writing these rhymes

Had to take my own life just to drop it to five
Always telling myself
Gotta go hard in my prime
Once I got to the fourth floor

I′m sippin on four-zero
Victory Lapping
Put your dad in a chock hold
Used to hot box man

Change dimensions like directions
Don’t even smoke
But I’m in the smoking section
Getting shorties number by the exit

She so impressed with
My aura that she left with
Nature like the valley
She ain′t seen this side of leverage

She said I′m too wholesome
Posted up cold beverage
On the coast
Perfect weather

Low effort
Yo Sunsets and brainwaves up on the sweat shirt
Yo Sunsets and brainwaves up on the sweat shirt
Kuatro20 in the

Como no voy a brillar yo siempre
247 Soy el Kuatro20
365 traigo humo pa que quemen
Y rap para los nenes for reals foo

Vengo duro y en directo
Veterano pero aun sigo creciendo
Og flow lemon haze
Yo digo lo que siento

Yo no ocupo clout me los gano con talento
Top 10 y los otros 9 me la pelan
Kuatro20 la amenaza de la escena
Fake es tu persona

De Ali Baba sus cadenas
La neta que da pena ajena
Pero cada quien con su lokera
Yo Traigo el toque como Pirlo

Pase como Dino
Soy el Mr. como Zizou
Rimas duras de suave no tienen nada
No hablan el idioma

Pero dicen que son raza
Stop playing with me
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Flxwz Lyrics – WE OUTSIDE (feat. Kuatro20)


WE OUTSIDE (feat. Kuatro20)