Well Hello Lyrics – Twarres

Well Hello Lyrics by Twarres

Well hello it’s nice to see you again
It’s such a long time ago since we met
I can’t forget what’s happened before
Still your fingertips are touching my soul

Cause once you’d came back to me
I saw that you changed, just as I knew you would
You wanted to see me, but I couldn’t do that
Cause I think I have changed also, also I have changed

Well hello it’s so nice to see you too
Yes it is a long time now since we last met
I have been so caught up in myself
I have a good job, and I bought a brand new car

There was no time to think about what’s been and what’s done
There were so many things to do
It is very nice to see you back again
But I think I have changed also, also, I have changed

Well hello
Hello, how are you
I’m fine
Thank you for asking

And you, how are you
I’m fine, by the way the weather is nice today
Well goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye,
Well goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye.
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Twarres Lyrics – Well Hello


Well Hello