Who’s My Baby Lyrics – Natacha Atlas

Who’s My Baby Lyrics by Natacha Atlas

Yet again I’m awake at night
Thinkin’ ’bout what’s goin’ on
I’m sick and tired of the ways the fight
That I know just can’t be won

All I do, I do in vain
What’s the point in tryin’ to change
If you only stay the same
So tell me why these tears I cry

Keep passing by, I don’t know why
I can’t see what’s good for me
Just need to know
So tell me who’s my baby

I’m gonna change what I feel inside
I’ve gotta change my point of view
I’ve had enough of all the lies
And the pain you’ve put me through

‘Cos this is now and that was then
But I know somewhere deep inside
I will ask myself again
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Natacha Atlas Lyrics – Who’s My Baby

Natacha Atlas

Who’s My Baby