Why Lyrics – The Platters

Why Lyrics by The Platters

Why must you leave me
Oh why must you go away
I know all things must end someday
But why must our love, and why this way

You know, you know I love you
In a very, very, very special way
Oh and remember, my love, the hurt you’ve given me
Will come back to you, come back to you one day

In a beautiful church
On Valentine’s day
You said you’d be mine
And you’d stay with me

But now you wanna go
And leave me now
Only to find you’ll need love again one day, so
Why, oh why, must you leave me?

Darling, don’t ever, ever go away
Stay with me and let’s talk it over one more time
I’m sure we can find, we can find a way
I’m sure we can find a way
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The Platters Lyrics – Why

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