WOCKY SLUSH Lyrics – Yung Cart

WOCKY SLUSH Lyrics by Yung Cart

Clappin’ noobs just like I’m Dream watching hentai on a TV screen
Balls is colored purple like my mother f#cking lean!
Wocky slush in my cup, watching Man Hunt while she suck
Yeah your shawty call me Dream, b#tch I got all of his luck!

I’m a bad boy with no halo, I got glizzies like it’s Halo
Fiend for the wocky, yeah my b#tch she love to talky
I gave her the slush and that hoe tried to top me
I’m with your mom and she just gave me brains like a zombie! (Bruh)

I’m gonna reclaim the founder like I just reclaimed your b#tch
Gave Hange a kiss and thеn played Animal Crossing on my Switch!
I just folded All Might like ori-f#ckin’-gami
Writing down bars just likе I’m f#cking Light Yagami (Kenny Ackerman)

I play with your b#tch just like I play Minecraft, spent hours goin’ down on my mine shaft
Shit! Uh… I don’t know what else to say, so I’m gonna pass the next verse off to YeezyKage
Call me Pheonix Wright cause I’m providing all the evidence, on why yo’ shit’s not relevant and how you gettin’ hella’ bent (Objection!)
Yeah alright, I can see yo’ #ss in my peep sight

Writing names in my book like Light Yagami, sent one pic now she on top of me (Okay what!)
I be pimpin’ like Dio Brando, stop time and I steal a f#ckers Lambo (Za Warudo!)
Tommy gun got loads of ammo, Joseph Joestar make hella’ bands though
Kanye West came up on me, he ask me for a large turkey-

I said no
You get a lobster roll boy, that’s right
Dooder? Oh dooder? Check this out. That’s right! Van’s Off the Wall! That’s right!! Look at this, figure out how to open it..
There you go!
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Yung Cart Lyrics – WOCKY SLUSH

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