XNXX Lyrics – Carcer Crew TV

XNXX Lyrics by Carcer Crew TV

Triple kill
What you feel
When you drowning in my tub

Way too good
Scream dream never seen
Love the bloody screams
Even better cut up

Rainbow pool
Piss, blood and Ecstasy
Try and get to me
Got overalls

A Leather face
Hearts eyes you love what you see
Smile b#tch and cry in the tub
Three stars ain’t so bad

For a p#rnstar
I like my corpses frozen through
Ill grant you certain death you c#nt ya motherf#kin limbs strewn
Aye yeah your f#kin limbs lay strewn

Is this a game to you?
I’ll f#cking maim you
Think this a game f#ka? Stalk you then ya limbs strewn
Put on house arrest cause I assultеd federali

Put him in a spliff, I smoke that f#ckboy just likе Marley
He caught me by surprise, I chefed his throat up with my car keys
They got me f#cked up, I’m getting tooled up if he par me
Oo f#ka why-y-y-y

Oo f#ka why-y-y-y
Your mother at your coffin, screaming Nancy why-y-y-y
Your brother at yo grave like I want Nancy’s li-i-i-ife
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Carcer Crew TV Lyrics – XNXX

Carcer Crew TV