Zeitgeist Lyrics – Austin Cleary

Zeitgeist Lyrics by Austin Cleary

TPAB on that CD breathing in the green leaf
Life could be so breezy, be me
Doing 110 on the freeway, keys shake
Riding dirty with my ride or die not in my right mind

Take a turn to my right side as this high climbs
Waving bye bye you can’t see me
Cabin steamy this ain’t PG
Catch a hehe it’s all out laughter

AK to the brain made me pass out faster
Rendezvous at the carpark after
Get that in rotation and it’s pass the parcel

I’ll be back in halfa
With some tics tacs and a sack of banana
I’ma I’ma I’ma come back round like my name was karma
Alright, yea

Yea, bottoms up all round we got beers to crack
Couple blunts in rotation yea we’ll cheers to that
If yall are talking too much we ain’t hearing that
Yea, it’s as clear as that that

Huh, like
Get a sesh then it’s back to the crib
Nothing else but a bunch of six packs in the fridge
Feeling like the man whenever I’m packing the spliff

They say it’s bad for me, like that’s just a myth
I’m all around like surround sound
Or billboards downtown

Why wait we want the crowd now
No how bouts or doubts how we bring it
Smoke to celebrate its out house we live in
It’s all good

Ash tray full we rolling more woods
Running out of paper ripping pages out of all books
You’re all shook when we fill the room with it
Take ’em on vacation when we got you tripping
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Austin Cleary Lyrics – Zeitgeist

Austin Cleary