fool in me Lyrics – MIKE

fool in me Lyrics by MIKE

Looking through the book for an open page
Feeling the soulless came, dipped, they know the way
Simple, the goldest chains, I’m lit, I smoke my brains
Bigger in colder days, hit, my home the rain

Shit, I hold the game, grit, you soul exchanged for chips
I know the way to run with more to raise, pissed
They close the gates, sinners just know to pray
And switch, a sober face couldn’t help you know the pain

All the goals the same, me and sister cope the same
A brother’s floating, flame connecting when I know we breaking
Glitch in my mind was waiting, this sh#t is all for taking
Felt the body shake, silence got my dome racing

What a tragic lie, it ain’t time for slow pacing
Zip your chatterbox, pictures of people going places
Didn’t ask for lot, after pop saw me fading
I had the clock racing in the f#cking snake pit
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MIKE Lyrics – fool in me


fool in me