The Amalgam Lyrics – Jarv

The Amalgam Lyrics by Jarv

Yeah, it’s The Amalgam
I remember back in the day I would play video games
While I listened to this mixtape my big sis made
It had Bus-a-Bus, Del The Funky h#mosapien

DMX, 2 Live Crew and Wu-Tang
Picture me, second grade, in my room rapping along
Playing Banjo and Kazooie with my boombox on
Ha, yeah, I can’t forget it to this day

It played a rose-colored role in what made me this way
And then in sixth grade I started skateboarding
And after the first day, nothing was ever the same for me
I found new music, I made new friends

Most of ‘em quit, but sh#t, I wish we could do it again
I mean, we could but that’ll probably never happen
When people grow, they tend to redefine what makes them happy
But I loved those days, I wouldn’t be the same without ‘em

Another chapter I have found bound in my amalgam
Now I’ma skip ahead to when I was twenty-one
Chilling at the bar, getting buzzy with my buds
MV just started rocking them shows

So I developed confidence when talking to them-
Hold up, hold up, hold up, wait a minute, yo
I’ma try to keep it wholesome
I’ve been told that it’s good for the soul plus-

I’m in my mid-twenties and I’m tryina to show I’ve grown
One percent less self-centered and self-indulgent, ha
Yeah, that’s quite a feat, ya see-
I’ve been an MC since I was seventeen, which means

That I’ve been talking trash for years, even to my peers
Drunk battles at the Castle while I’m pounding some beers
Those were the days, but these are the days too
There ain’t no use living in the past, dude

You don’t get a take two
Make new memories, live it and be proud, son
Add some elements to your amalgam
It’s The Amalgam; Facets of life compound and become you

Whether or not you like the outcome
I hope it’s one you’re proud of
Sadly, the average person
Doesn’t appreciate the sun until the clouds come

But such is life, everybody got a vice
Finding my relationships falling by the waist side
Growing up is hard but you can’t forget to make time
Focus on your squad so that if you shine, they shine

And that’s what I’m trying to do; I’m trying to get ahead
I’m trying to have some fun with my friends
I’m trying to make bread; I’m trying to break bread
I’m trying to focus on the road ahead and keep my soul in check

I know the best days are yet to come
I don’t doubt there’ll be dark days as well, but I don’t worry about them
I’ll hold my head high except to bounce to the song
Keep it on, become one with The Amalgam, uh

It’s The Amalgam, son, it’s The Amalgam, kid
The Amalgam of sound that I found within
It’s the Amalgam, son, it’s The Amalgam, kid
The Amalgam of trials in this life I live

It’s The Amalgam, son, it’s The Amalgam, kid
The Amalgam of sound that I found within
It’s The Amalgam, son, it’s The Amalgam, kid
Live in the now, yet vow to dream big
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Jarv Lyrics – The Amalgam


The Amalgam