#NYNM Lyrics – Racerr

#NYNM Lyrics by Racerr

Double S
Is there some wrong what you lookin at?
I’m with Double S we gon shoot back
In that trident where the roof at?

Please don’t try it we gon shoot that
Got yo big bro yeah we smoke that
X Submission
I told that lil hoe I’m toxic

It still ain’t change her mindset
I’m Smokin on gas with Zoe
It got my eyes feeling low
I’m countin up bread loafs

My main bihh work at chase though
Pass That
In the cat goin too fast that XD gon tag yo #ss
She eatin dick like she f#ckin fat

She threw it back but that #ss too fat
I gotta slide with it, Glock on me imma die wit it
Bad b#tch gon hide the sh#t

(Yeah, come on come on)
Can’t feed em
He a crip but I’m still gon bleed em
He a snake I swear I can read em

He my son lil bro gotta teach em
My bro locked up need freedom
My dog a killa can’t greet em
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Racerr Lyrics – #NYNM